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Small Business Success

September 23, 2009

Differentiate Yourself from the Competition! “A USP can help improve the marketability and positioning of your company. It should be the driving force behind your business and be part of every branding effort you undertake,” says Christine Morris, Vice-President, Business Banking, TD Canada Trust. “A good USP will identify your consumers' pain points and needs, and communicate the solution – your...


September 23, 2009

Laundry rooms are moving up Like kitchens and washrooms, laundry rooms are now one of a home's prime selling features. Once relegated to basements and garages, hidden away from guests and company, laundry rooms are staking a claim to prime above ground living spaces. Inspired by the posh laundry suites featured in home magazines and model homes, many homeowners are changing the layout of their houses to create a suitable home for their...

Business Tips

August 26, 2009

Boost productivity with incentive travel (NC) Set a business goal with the reward of an all expenses paid group vacation—and watch as the morale and productivity in your workplace soar. Better still, the returns on this investment are usually immediate, even if the reward is 12 months into the future. Incentive travel starts to pay off from the time you announce it—and from then until the business goal is met, adding a few...

Add Instant Value To Your House

August 25, 2009

Add instant value to your house without renovating (NC)While garage organization may seem like a chore, if done properly and with the right products, it can enhance the appearance of your home, increase its value and add precious time to your schedule. In fact 85 per cent of Canadians say that if they were looking for a new home, a tidy garage would be a deciding factor. An organized garage not only increases the value of your home, it...

Reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs

April 3, 2009

Three reasons to insulate your attic now (NC)-The newly proposed Home Renovation Tax Credit offers a short window from now until February 1, 2010 for homeowners to renovate their homes and take advantage of the non-refundable 15 per cent tax credit. Michael Macey, Insulation Expert at Owens Corning offers homeowners three more reasons on why it's important to re-insulate their attic today: 1. You can qualify for a government grant of...

Home Renovation Tax Credit

April 3, 2009

Two ways to help offset your home renovation costs (NC)-Thinking of renovating your home this summer? Before you 'nail-down' your renovation budget and write down your priority list, make sure you include an attic re-insulation project to the mix. "Many homes in Canada don't meet the recommended attic insulation standard of R-50," says Cheryl West, Insulation Expert at Owens Corning. "It may not be a project...

It's a seller's market for job hunters

January 23, 2006

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