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Make airport security a breeze

February 26, 2013

(NC)—Waiting in long lines at airport security isn't the best way to start your summer getaway – and neither is an official request to leave behind your sunscreen, shampoo or expensive perfume. Instead, take a look at a few simple steps to get you through airport security as easy as possible:

  • Most personal care and beauty products are allowed in carry-on baggage provided they are in containers of less than 100 ml or 3.4 ounces. So look for travel-sizes of your favourite products, or pack larger items in your checked luggage.
  • Electric blow-dryers, curling irons and flat irons are permitted as carry-on, but if you have a butane curling iron, it should go in your checked bag.
  • Nail and cuticle clippers are allowed, as are disposable razors and razor cartridges.

Once you're finished packing, it's time to pick a travel outfit – choose something comfortable, without a belt. Stay away from shoes with metal accents. Leggings, a drapey top and ballet flats will get you through security in style.

Additional tips are available online at, or on the mobile site and Twitter @catsa_gc.

Source:News Canada

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