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Switch off the heater and still stay warm

December 14, 2012

(NC)—During the notorious Canadian winter, January and February are usually regarded as the coldest months. This year is no exception with biting wind chill and snow sweeping across the country. It can be hard for homeowners to bear the cold weather, however it is possible to avoid excessive heating bills with good choices of insulation materials. Industry specialists suggest an effective and efficient heating system requires a solid air barrier and while traditional insulation materials are regarded as economical options, spray foam insulation (like that available from Icynene) is a modern material that air-seals and insulates effectively.

Traditional insulation such as cellulose or fibreglass can contribute to unnecessary heat loss due to gaps and holes left behind when installed. Alternatively, spray foam insulation presents homeowners with the opportunity to reduce their heating bills while staying warm throughout the harsh winter.

Understanding what products are available allows homeowners to reduce energy bills for a warm winter and be ready for a cool summer. More information can be found online at

Source:News Canada

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