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Beautify your home even on a tight budget

August 10, 2012

(NC)—The folks at Comfort Inn and Quality hotels aren't just experts on stretching a travel budget, they're also pros at interior decorating without damaging the wallet. Take a look at these useful tips for your own home:

Update your finishes: Replace dated hardware on kitchen cabinets and furniture and install baseboards and crown molding made from MDF instead of natural wood to add the look of luxury for less.

Get organized: Shelving clears surface clutter and upgrades it to art; vintage trunks and benches double as storage units; and inexpensive bookshelves look as appealing as pricier options once they're displaying all your treasures.

Discover your inner artist: Enlarged landscape photos from vacation look great in any room while converting personal portraits to black and white instantly ups their professionalism. Camera shy? Frame large scraps of boldly patterned wallpaper or fabric for low-cost modern art.

Splash some colour and shed some light: Sometimes all you need to do is change the focal point of a room to go from blah to ta-da. Switch the focus from outdated furniture to a brightly painted accent wall or to large mirrors to reflect light and open up small spaces. Brightly coloured throws and textured pillows will also add pizzazz to tired seating.

Source:News Canada

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