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Let your instinct décor your home

April 1, 2011

Let instinct be your décor guide

(NC)—What makes a room truly beautiful?

Beyond good light and good proportions, what makes the difference between a showstopper and ho–hum?

Designers know that it has nothing to do with its physical attributes or the cost of the décor. The most beautiful rooms are the ones that are used.

This is why – ironically – living rooms are usually dead, and kitchens and family rooms are the lively centres of our homes, the places we like to hang out.

A room that is exquisitely designed but left undisturbed will never be as welcoming and pleasing as a well–used room. When it's a little frayed – or marked by life – we love it more.

This comfortable melding of life and design is captured in Instinct, a 2011 design trend from PPG Pittsburgh Paints. Instinct is about “decurating”; the idea that a room is an evolution, edited over time to leave behind meaningless stuff in favour of meaningful objects gathered on travels, or family treasures passed down.

An Instinct room is warmed by natural materials – especially wood – and gives pride of place to primitive hand–made objects. It embodies an appreciation of the simple, the organic and the unadorned.

Forego clean and decorative colours in favour of shades that represent natural materials. Opt for the butterscotch hues of wood grains set against the greys and whites of slate, stone, and marble. This palette is earthy and grounded, but the juxtaposition of raw wood and honed marble, smooth cast iron objects in primordial shapes and sleek metal details will give it sophistication.

In Instinct, reclaimed wood is valued for its flaws. Floorboards are hand–scraped; planks are wide and look oil–rubbed. Leathers are another key material, but black and dark browns give way to warmer, worn finishes of old luggage, boots and saddles. It is old–world relaxed simplicity.

A wide range of patterns will work, from traditional through contemporary. Animal prints bring in the patterns of nature.

This slightly masculine style is adaptable. It can lean towards an urban or rural aesthetic, depending on how we choose to layer and balance. In the city: use more white and slick metallic surfaces and curate to a spare minimalism. In the country: use more wood, more matte and honed finishes, as well as old and weathered patinas.

But always maintain a mix. After all, the Instinct décor is all about the textures, patinas, and hand–made objects gathered over time into a pleasing blend. It encourages us to capture comfort along with beauty. It is those 'signs of wear' that take away the curse of unsullied perfection and bring a room to life. This décor assures us a room is meant to be used–and that is our cue to relax. 

Source:News Canada

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