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Exotic wood floors in high demand

May 3, 2010

Exotic Wood Floor

Decor trends
(NC)—Exotic wood floors have now emerged as the flooring of choice in many decors across the country as savvy homeowners and decorators express their personal interior decorating tastes with more distinctive wood flooring options.
It is truly remarkable how many new colorations, wood species, and widths of hardwood flooring are available to homeowners today. Besides the common North American hardwoods (oak, maple, hickory and ash), wood from species like bamboo, cork, beech, Santos mahogany, teak, walnut and Brazilian cherry are rapidly becoming popular hardwood flooring choices.
These unique wood floors set the tone for a room, giving it a different look and old world type elegance. Leading wood flooring manufacturers, such as Mercier Wood Flooring, now feature a full line of exotic wood flooring options from sought after regions around the globe such as Brazil. Some of its latest exotic additions for his year include Asuncion, La Paz, Lima, and Sao Paulo.
“Our exotic wood products use South American wood species selected for their rich tones, beautiful grains, and superior hardness,” explained Michel Collin, Marketing Director of Mercier Wood Flooring. “These unique products delight even the most demanding homeowners by adding an original touch of refinement and the exotic to their decor.”
Mercier's line of exotic wood flooring also includes engineered options such as Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany and Tigerwood in 3 1/4” and 4 1/2” boards. Ideal for basements and condos, these beautiful floors can be floated or glued onto subfloors or concrete slabs.
“These three additions follow an increasing consumer demand for exotic engineered wood floors,” added Collin. “Perfect for wide open spaces and prestigious rooms, these species are offered in their natural colour, revealing the warmth and richness of our Exotic species, naturally coloured in red tones.”
Regardless of your choice, exotic wood flooring offers unmatched durability and unique, rich natural color for your decor. More information on exotic wood flooring is available at

Source:News Canada

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