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September 23, 2009

Laundry rooms are moving up

Like kitchens and washrooms, laundry rooms are now one of a home's prime selling features. Once relegated to basements and garages, hidden away from guests and company, laundry rooms are staking a claim to prime above ground living spaces.

Inspired by the posh laundry suites featured in home magazines and model homes, many homeowners are changing the layout of their houses to create a suitable home for their new high-tech washers and dryers. Moving laundry facilities up from the basement is often easier said than done though. Where lack of existing plumbing is an issue, gray water pumps are one way to make converting a closet or spare bedroom into a laundry room quick and painless.

Laundry rooms located in close proximity to a home's living areas are a virtual necessity for today's busy families, and a sought after convenience among home buyers. Main floor and even second floor laundry facilities are increasingly becoming the norm, and for good reason: strategically positioned laundry rooms make it easier to do a quick load or two while cooking dinner or helping the kids with their homework.

Opting to use a gray water pump can also save both time and money. They pump drain water up against gravity, allowing for the addition of a laundry room without installing conventional drain lines. These pumps connect easily to laundry tubs, providing the needed drainage for washing machines, and pump waste-water away through small-diameter 1-inch piping to the nearest drain line, whether it is in an adjacent room or at the other end of the house.

Gray water pumps provide homeowners greater flexibility in laundry room positioning and minimize construction costs, as there is no need to tear up the floor to run drain lines. New models like the Saniswift, by Saniflo (, run quietly, and are small enough to be concealed inside cabinetry or beneath a laundry tub, occupying less than one square foot of space.

Source:News Canada

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