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Add Instant Value To Your House

August 25, 2009

Add instant value to your house without renovating

(NC)While garage organization may seem like a chore, if done properly and with the right products, it can enhance the appearance of your home, increase its value and add precious time to your schedule.
In fact 85 per cent of Canadians say that if they were looking for a new home, a tidy garage would be a deciding factor. An organized garage not only increases the value of your home, it also provides insight to how the rest of your home is maintained.
While some clutter in the garage may seem normal, a recent Canadian survey indicated that 43 per cent of respondents say their garage is so full of junk, there is no room for their car.
Take back your garage this weekend. Use a garage Blueprint Estimator, like the one found at, to plan out different garage zones and ensure that everything has a place and there is still room for the car.
Then select a Gladiator GarageWorks system that meets your lifestyle. Sports fans can create a zone for seasonal sports equipment; green thumbs can have an area dedicated to gardening supplies and handymen can keep tools and balance the books with a workshop and office and space. Place items you want to keep in cabinets, on walls and in bins designed for easy access. The right system for your needs can turn a pile of junk into an organized oasis that will give your neighbours garage-envy.
Whether adding value to an existing home, protecting valuables, saving time looking for misplaced items or just in the market for more organization, tackling the clutter in your garage is a worthwhile investment.

Source:News Canada

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