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Winter safety-Canada Post contest

December 18, 2008

Winter safety-Canada Post contest

Chilling stats and hot tips on winter safety!

. There were more than 1,500 injuries to Canada Post delivery personnel in 2007 due to slips, trips or falls.
. Ice is actually most slippery when the temperature is 1 or 2 degrees Celsius because a film of water can form on the ice surface.Even when the ambient temperature outside is above freezing, outdoor areas in shade or shadows can have a layer of ice that can catch you by surprise.
. People who work outdoors need to 'think safety' at all times but particularly in winter, when snow and ice buildup creates hazards on walkways, stairs, driveways and other access areas.
. If you work or spend a lot of time outdoors in winter, always wear suitable footwear with soles designed for winter conditions. Soles and heels of winter footwear should have a tread made of material that minimizes slipping under all conditions of normal use.
. If you work outdoors, ccarry a small bag of grit or sand in your jacket pocket to sprinkle on ice as needed.
. Slow down in winter and always look for changing conditions on sidewalks and other areas. A ffresh snowfall looks pretty but it can cover up hazards such as icy patches or uneven surfaces that may not be apparent. Don't take chances when steps are covered with snow or ice.
. Homeowners and businesses can have a dramatic impact on improving safety during the winter by clearing access areas after each snowfall. Don't be caught by surprise - monitor the weather and be prepared to take action to eliminate slippery conditions on your property.
. Ensure that all areas prone to ice buildup are scraped and covered with anti-slip material like sand or salt on a regular basis around your residence or business.
As part of its national public awareness campaign to improve winter safety this year, Canada Post is sponsoring a 'Clear the Way' contest across Canada. For details on how to enter the Canada Post 'Clear the Way' contest, with $10,000 in prizes available to be won, visit

Source:News Canada

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