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August 4, 2008
Back-to-school dorm room decorating guide
Sears Canada helps students transform campus dorms into cool, comfortable and stylish digs. Sears has functional, space-saving and stylish ideas for students to decorate their dorm rooms or apartments on an affordable student budget.
Dorm rooms house three functions: sleeping, studying, and socializing. Study and sleep zones require tranquil, non-distracting environments with both ambience and focal lighting; while areas that serve a social function command more energetic themes and accessories.
Space is a premium in most dorm rooms. Invest in pieces that are versatile and multi-purpose. Maximize space with a multi-functional davenport with a bed or couch option and a handy storage compartment underneath, such as the Style factory Davenport. Storage ottomans, or modular storage boxes like the Fresco Home Faux-Suede storage units that can be shifted or stacked are also a great idea for extra seating and ideal for storing unsightly items.
To ensure some studying privacy in your dorm room, use a triple-screen photo panel, a great way to separate your space, as well as keep treasured photos of family and friends. Need a study area, or a place to pull those all-nighters? The Sears every-day priced glass cart is the perfect solution, it's airy and space-saving, only $149.97. Don't forget to add a great lamp for extra focal lighting.
Make rooms warm and inviting for socializing with a chic art deco hand-carved rug, available in trendy designs and patterns. Add some comfy bean bag chairs for extra seating for study pals, the wipe clean bags are available in a variety of fashionable colours, $39.99 for small-sized, and $69.99 for large.
Decorating a dorm room is about more than just making a small, temporary accommodation feel like home. It's also about creating an environment that utilizes the space efficiently, while adding colour to a student's tenure on campus.
All of these must-have items and more are found in the Sears Canada Fall 2008 catalogue. For more great ideas, visit a Sears department store, or

Source:News Canada

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