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Finally, kitchen range hoods that let the environment breathe

February 4, 2008

New Energy Star certified range hoods merge design with high efficiency

A range hood is a vital appliance for any kitchen. A quality kitchen ventilation system plays a significant role in the indoor air quality of the home, drawing stale air filled with grease, odors, and moisture out of the room. Apart from improving indoor air quality, a range hood that is vented to the outside can help exhaust heat and odours. But what makes a quality kitchen range hood?

According to Shirley Marquis, Range Hood Product Manager for Broan- NuTone and Venmar group, "a good range hood should be powerful enough that it reduces greasy buildup that can accumulate on cabinets and kitchen appliances, and strong enough to pull out contaminants that occur naturally while cooking."

A good way to check on a model's efficiency, she advises, is to look at the manufacturer's specifications. "A CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating tells you the amount of air that is moved per minute in cubic feet," she added. To determine the number of CFM your range hood needs will depend on your cooking habits, the dimension or layout of your kitchen (is it an open space or closed off) as well as your type of range (electric or gas). It is also important that your range hood be certified by the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI). HVI certification confirms that your product has been tested and meets specific industry standards. It also confirms that your product will perform as promised and you will receive proper ventilation to maximize your indoor air quality.

Performance is important, but preserving the environment has become a paramount issue with Canadians across the country and as a result more and more homeowners are now looking for energy efficient solutions for their home appliances, and range hoods are no exceptions.

That is why this year the top range hood manufacturers in the industry have answered this call and taken energy efficiency to the highest level by releasing new lines with ENERGY STAR certification.

"This is why we're proud to launch four new series of green products, says Marquis. The ESC270, ESN10, ESB10 and ESV10 are the first in our group to be ENERGY STAR certified."

All four series of range hoods offer a total energy savings of 564 kWh applicable on the product limited lifetime. They also feature the best of both worlds: the ability to cook on a uniformly lit surface and energy savings thanks to two compact fluorescent bulbs. These 13-watt bulbs last 10,000 hours-five times longer than regular light bulbs.

These new range hoods clearly have functional and efficiency purposes but Marquis said they have also become important kitchen design elements. These elegant series of Broan-NuTone Venmar range hoods add European streamlined style and effective pollution elimination to your kitchen. Meanwhile, these series are based on the same platform and are able to fit any décor.

In addition to standing out as a result of their unique, refined look, these new range hoods satisfy all your needs when it comes to trapping and eliminating various sources of pollution. They're a breeze for you to maintain with dishwasher-safe filters and come with a five-year guarantee. More information on the latest Energy Star range roods is available at, and

Source:News Canada

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