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Warm up cold rooms

November 6, 2007

How to warm the cold rooms of your home?

(NC)-They're the places you often pass but seldom go - the cold rooms in your home. It may be your attic, basement, or a common room such as a family room over the garage. No matter what the space, you can increase your usage of these rooms by warming them up following these simple tips:

Use your fireplace

A fireplace can warm up a room very quickly, but if you don't have a built-in fireplace, gas fireplaces are widely available at building supply or furnishing stores for reasonable prices. To make rooms cozier, change the layout of your furniture. Place your seating area and coffee table around your fireplace for you and your friends to huddle around and keep warm.

Consider insulating walls and floors over cold spaces

Undertaking a home renovation to add warmth to cold rooms can help increase your use of the space in your home. Consider installing PINK Fiberglas batt insulation from Owens Corning in both the walls of your home and in floors over cold, uninsulated areas. PINK Fiberglas insulation provides excellent thermal performance and can also be used to insulate other cold rooms such as the basement, crawlspace and garage.

Use warm fabrics to add comfort

Bring out your cotton, wool or fleece throws and blankets to help you to stay warm. There are plenty of decorative throws on the market made of heavier fabrics like velour or corduroy. These are perfect items to keep you warm while resting on a bed or couch and can also act as accents to a room when they are neatly arranged.

Canadian winters can be cold and unpredictable. Keep warm and comfortable this season and enjoy all the areas that your home has to offer.

More information on how to stay warm by installing PINK Fiberglas insulation can be found at The colour PINK is a registered trademark of Owens Corning.

Source:News Canada

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