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This summer, kids travel for free on VIA Rail

June 26, 2007

Free for Kids at Via Rail(NC)- Summer is almost here. The school year is winding down and vacations are imminent. People are letting their thought drift to barbecues and beaches. They are also poring over maps as they plot their trips across Canada to enjoy the sun, see new places and visit family and friends.

Canadian parents will not have to endure highway traffic jams in cars full of children who are itching to arrive at their vacation destination. They and their children can travel by train in comfortable, spacious VIA Rail train cars. And this summer, their children can travel for free!
Train travel is more convenient, comfortable and affordable than ever, and VIA Rail's service is the ideal way to see lots of Canadian destinations from the Atlantic to the Pacific in one vacation experience.
To these advantages, VIA has added deep discounts for children under 11 years of age. These discounts will have even more people with families planning their summer vacations well before the season begins so that they can enjoy the train and avoid the crowds on the roads.
From June 1 - September 15, 2007, people over 18 who purchase a Senior, Student, or adult-fare ticket in VIA Rail Canada's Comfort Class (Economy) can bring along a child aged 11 or under for free. Available on almost every VIA Rail train system-wide, the Kids Travel Free program makes it even more affordable to make travel with VIA part of a perfect family getaway exploring some of Canada's most exciting destinations.
In addition to the convenience, parents enjoy the special qualities of train travel that make it a categorically different experience from driving. They sit face-to-face with their children. They spend time reading, playing games and enjoying the scenery. When they are tired, they take a nap. All this while they zoom toward their destination.
Parents remember the wonder and magic of the train rides that they took as children, and want to create those same memories for their own children.
In effect, when families travel by train, the holidays begin as soon as they leave their home to start their voyage, not when they arrive at their destination.
VIA Rail's Kids Travel Free offer is valid on all its trains.

Source:News Canada

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