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Travel Medical Insurance

April 17, 2007
Travel Medical Insurance : Take correct steps in a medical emergency
NC)-It's important to buy travel medical insurance before travelling outside Canada, but it is only the first step. An equally important one is to become as familiar as possible with the basic provisions of the policy before an emergency occurs. In an urgent situation, the reimbursement of expenses is not likely to be the first thing on your mind, so here are a few guidelines offered by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), the agency responsible for regulating insurance in the province.
In case of a medical emergency, it's important that you call the service centre phone number listed on your policy immediately to report your situation and to obtain authorization for treatment. (Be aware that your policy may not cover expenses that have not been authorized.) The service centre will provide you with appropriate referrals, manage and monitor your medical care, and administer your claim.
Be sure to:
1. Supply all the facts and information accurately within the time limits of your policy.
2. Keep a log of the names of people assisting you, the date of contact, and what was discussed.
3. Get receipts for tests, treatments and prescriptions.
4. Complete the forms supplied and enclose all original bills signed by the attending physician, plus receipts and supporting claim documentation. Be sure to include your policy identification number, health card number, and date of birth. Keep copies of all documentation submitted to the company.
More information on this subject, including a copy of the electronic brochure Shopping For Travel Medical Insurance is available online at


Source:News Canada

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