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Our advantages


ACCÈS INTERNATIONAL specializes in managing upscale furnished and equipped properties for monthly and yearly rentals.

This approach has many advantages for both owners and tenants.


Advantages of renting your furnished and equipped property

Furnished and equipped rental allows you to maximize returns on your unoccupied property. Going to Florida during the winter months, travelling on business, working abroad? These are all opportunities to earn extra income to help cover the fixed costs of your main residence during your absence. The furnished and equipped rental solution allows you to maintain access to your property. Rentals can extend over several months; you can then take the unit back for yourself, for friends or family, and move in right away.


Advantages of entrusting your property to a specialized rental company

Renting your property on a monthly basis is a grueling task that requires time, energy and a keen sense of organization. In this context, it is advantageous to assign this responsibility to a team specializing in property management for a monthly management fee. This will ensure the quality of the clientele, provide professional reception services and perform impeccable maintenance. Do you want to travel or spend more time and energy on your career, your business, your family? A property management company frees you of constant concern and allows you to implement your projects under optimal conditions.


We know the market

We know what makes a rental successful and we know the needs of our clients/tenants. We know how to reach a quality clientele. We actively use the Web to promote your property and we have a large data bank of corporate clients, both nationally and internationally. These clients only deal with management companies and corporate rental professionals.


We are fast and professional

You can contact us seven days a week during office hours. We receive your requests by email or phone and we take the time to understand your objectives and explain our services. We represent you and offer clients comprehensive and personalized support services throughout their stay. We take care of conducting visits, signing contracts and collecting rent.


We look after your home as if it was our own

We take care of maintenance between each rental. We work to optimize the unit and make it as attractive as possible to your potential rentors.







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