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Accès International is a company specializing in the relocation of professionals and executives. The concept allows you to offer your furnished and equipped propriety by means of our website and this for the annual fee of $345 CDN.
To tender your property for rental, all you need to do is submit your intention by e-mail.
To submit your property for rental, you just fill in the standard form « Submit property »  on our site, including digital photos of each room and the exterior of the property. Please note that it is important to fill in all the blanks of the form: property address, your personal address, your e-mail address, your phone number at home and office as well as your cellular number. You must attach a written description of your property and submit it to us in its entirety.
Within 48 hours, we will be able to confirm the acceptance or refusal of your request. If your property answers our criteria, on the reception of our acceptance, you will be required to pay on-line the annual fees of $345 CDN plus applicable taxes.
If we have a resource person in your area, that person will communicate with you since we offer a complete rental management service in large cities. If not, the tenant will contact you directly.

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