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Accès International is a company specializing in the relocation and temporary or permanent assignment of personnel, at the national and international level. We offer all the services necessary in the integration and rehousing of individuals displaced as well as their families
Accès International is the answer to the needs of individuals and organizations facing changes that the workplace demands, in this context, the globalization of markets. The high competitiveness of international markets obliges organizations to enlist resources that are more and more specialized and costly. We believe that in face of this accrued competition, all connected services in the support of resources in their displacement provide an important capital in attaining the level of competitiveness and productivity that these new markets demand. As specialists in the staffing of technical and professional human resources, we have observed that the globalization of markets has forced many organizations to relocate their resources in order to fulfill their contracts and commercial requirements related to these new markets.
To relocate an executive and his family is an important investment for a company. This endeavour done at a distance and without the help of experts requires a lot of time and energy and can result in unexpected costs and complications. To protect this investment, limit the risk of failure related to the discontentment of people involved in relocating, the relocation and the integration of individuals and their families, it must be done with expertise. 
We have created Accès International; a company specialized in relocation and the accompaniment of displaced resources and their families, the all in a context of national and international mobility.

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